Associate Pastor

Bellevue Christian Reformed Church

Associate Pastor Position Description

(Full time salaried 1.0 FTE)


Position Definition: The BCRC Associate Pastor serves the church in implementation of its mission and vision through direct oversight of Worship and Outreach ministries. This person will work to build teams who will use their gifts and abilities to serve the church in these key areas. The Associate Pastor works with the Lead Pastor to carry out general pastoral responsibilities, share administrative duties, collaborate with staff and Council, and minister to members of the congregation.

Professional Qualifications:          

  • Ordained pastor qualified to serve in the Christian Reformed Church
  • Alternately, a person who is currently pursuing pastoral ordination
  • Alternately, a person with relevant experience and theological education who is eligible to serve as a commissioned pastor in the Christian Reformed Church
  • Master of Divinity based in Reformed Christian theology
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; able to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds with humility and love 
  • Self-motivated, takes initiative, while working collaboratively with the staff and others to implement the church’s mission and vision, in line with our values and strategic plans
  • Committed to building teams and to empowering others to participate in mission and ministry
  • Possess demonstrated gifts and abilities in leading worship
  • Have passion for worshipping the Lord in all aspects of life and sharing that passion in the church’s worship
  • Able to pursue creative approaches to the elements of worship
  • Skilled musician
  • Possess or able to develop a working knowledge of technology resources to support worship
  • Possess demonstrated gifts and abilities in leading outreach efforts
  • Have passion for serving the community and sharing the Gospel
  • Able to develop and lead plans to reach the community in meaningful ways
  • Proven ability to work with a diverse population and culture


Personal Qualifications:

  • Mature Christian faith with an unwavering love of God and the church
  • Committed to the work and calling of the Holy Spirit on their life
  • Deep knowledge of and passion for the Bible
  • Committed to prayer and continual personal, spiritual, and professional growth
  • Demonstrates biblical character qualities outlined for church leaders (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5)


Outreach (40%)

  • Foster a climate of outreach among the church body, leading us in the mission of Christ, to share His love and hope to the unique community around us
  • In partnership with staff and ministry leaders, be a change catalyst, inspiring and challenging the congregation to new ideas and ministry opportunities in our community
  • Partner with staff to promote a spirit of mission and outreach in all areas of church ministry and life, including welcoming and enfolding guests and new members
  • Partner with the Service Deacons to develop, enhance, and maintain strategic mission partnerships locally and globally
  • Facilitate congregational involvement and support of mission partnerships, including connections with our church plant
  • Facilitate outreach training and events to equip the congregation
  • Manage strategic use of technology and other advertising to promote visibility in the community
  • Develop and lead mission and outreach teams as necessary
  • Maintain a regular presence in BCRC’s immediate neighborhood and the city of Bellevue in general


Worship (40%)

  • Set the direction for worship ministries that is in line with the overall church mission, vision, values, and strategic plans, engaging in annual goal setting and evaluation for ministry activities
  • Promote worship that praises God, inspires and edifies the church community, and fosters faith development for a range of ages and stages of faith
  • Incorporate a range of music styles, purposeful use of the arts, and an intentional mix of the new and the familiar to enhance the worship experience
  • Lead planning and execution of worship services that are authentic, honor God through excellence, and have Biblical and doctrinal integrity
  • Collaborate with the preaching pastor for continuity of message
  • Lead or participate in a majority of services (typically 3 times per month, including special services)
  • Use rehearsal time to effectively prepare for services
  • Serve as accountability coach for volunteer worship leaders, mentoring and providing feedback on plans
  • Effectively build, equip, and lead the team of volunteer worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, and A/V personnel to run the worship ministries, including participants of all ages
  • Oversee equipment and technology use in the worship ministry, collaborating with staff and volunteers with technical expertise to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Maintain the music library with songs that have accurate gospel-centered theology, singable melodies, and themes that connect worshippers to God, to God’s people, and to God’s mission in the world; ensure compliance with licensing agreements
  • Promote compliance with the Safe Church policies in worship ministry activities


Pastoral Responsibilities (10%)

  • Plan and preach the sermon 2-4 times a year as strategically scheduled, subject to need and gifting
  • Assist the Lead Pastor with general pastoral duties, such as congregational visitation and counseling, administering the sacraments, officiating weddings and funerals as needed and available
  • Participate in teaching and discipleship activities to promote congregational faith formation on occasion
  • Build authentic personal relationships with the church body
  • Be welcoming and enfolding toward ALL who connect with BCRC, whether long-time church members, new attendees, or those in our community


Administration (10%)

  • Be available and accessible through the use of regular office hours, appointments, and visitation
  • Serve as a member of the Council, the Administrative Team, and directly collaborate with the Service Deacons
  • Assist Lead Pastor to supervise staff, promoting their professional development and growth of their ministries, and serve as spiritual advisor as needed and available
  • Represent the church in denominational and classical business as needed and available
  • Participate in local ecumenical pastor networking groups to build connections in our community
  • Plan the annual worship and outreach ministries budgets and maintain financial records in coordination with the BCRC Treasurer and Church Administrator



The Associate Pastor has the authority to carry out responsibilities unique to the role of ordained Pastor as outlined above.

The Associate Pastor will develop strategic worship and outreach ministry plans that appropriately integrate staff, committees, and ministries and ordinarily will present these plans to the Lead Pastor and Administrative Team for approval and/or support.                                  



The Associate Pastor is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor for implementing plans and conducting ministries in line with church-wide goals and priorities.

The Associate Pastor is directly accountable to the Shepherding Elders for preaching and the content of worship according to Biblical and Reformed theological standards and for appropriate administration of the sacraments.

The Associate Pastor is accountable to the Administrative Team for overall job performance, including annual review of work and performance.

Ongoing accountability will be met through regular meetings with the Lead Pastor (individual or all staff) and reports to the Administrative Team.


Support Systems:

Worship Advisory Committee: Serves as a venue to discuss long-range planning (such as seasonal/worship series themes), provide advice/mentoring, help plan volunteer training and special services/events, and strategize for problem-solving. Meets at least quarterly under the leadership of the Associate Pastor.

Lead Pastor: Meets regularly for coaching and spiritual mentorship.

Church Administrator: Acts as the main point of contact for logistical and administrative tasks.

Staff Meetings: Participation in the church staff team for collaboration, planning, and communication.

Administrative Team: Manages personnel issues.