About Us

Our History...

Bellevue CRC was founded in 1966 with just a few families meeting in homes, united with the mission of worshiping God, teaching the truth of Scripture, and serving in the community to bless others as the heart and hands of Jesus. This mission still guides us today.

Since that time, Bellevue CRC has moved from private homes to the lobby of Bellevue Christian School, and then to our own church building in the heart of the Crossroads district, where we have happily served our community since breaking ground in 1969.

God has blessed us here as we have continued to open our doors, providing space for a variety of 12 Step meetings where over 500 people come every week to experience healing from their addictions. We have also teamed with other ministries in our neighborhoods, such as KidREACH, GEMS, Coffee Break, Mom2Mom, and many others. Come be a part of a rich and dynamic history!

We Are Hiring!

Bellevue CRC is currently hiring for our Music Director and Children's Ministry Director positions. Click the following links to read our job description and decide if you'd be a good fit with us!

Music Director: Click here

Children's Ministry Director: Click here


Gord Terpstra


Tammy Rabb


Andrew Hartman

Our Missionary Family

Geoff & Ashley Van Dragt lead Graduate Christian Fellowship, which ministers to the faculty and students in the University of Washington Graduate programs.

Ray & Angie DeLange are church planting catalysts with a Middle Eastern people group in the Pacific Northwest through East-West Ministries.

Margaret Njuguna founded the En-Gedi Children’s Home in Kenya to care for children with disabilities.

Brett & Angela Nicholson are missionaries with Engineering Ministries International. Brett is serving as a civil engineer on large scale projects in Uganda, his wife Angela is an RN and volunteering with EMI’s Research and Development team, while also working as a school nurse at a Christian International School.

Rachel & Isla Beveridge are serving with Resonate Global Missions in Guatemala. Isra is working with a local high school. Rachel’s work is focused on young adults in the community she is in.

Brian & Betsy Turnbull direct The House, a ministry of mission and discipleship in northwest Seattle.

Ken & Chris Van Weerdhuizen are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Ken is a pilot with JAARS, a support ministry for Bible translation.

Our Supported Ministries

Acres of Diamonds is a home in Duvall that seeks to provide a loving and safe environment for homeless women and their children, where they can learn how to break the cycle of addiction, poverty, and homelessness.

Bethany Christian Services provides family counseling from a Christian perspective, adoptive placement, and temporary foster care for children.

Cadets is a boys club that seeks to help boys grow more Christ-like in all areas of their life.

Chaplaincy and Care Ministries is a denominational ministry that supports and trains chaplains who work in hospitals, prisons, military and crisis situations.

Congregations for the Homeless helps to transition men in East King County from homelessness to permanent housing. They also provide an emergency winter shelter and a program for year-round shelter, case management and subsidized housing.

Days for Girls International provides girls in developing countries with access to quality, sustainable feminine hygiene education and kits. Our DFG program works to make to make and distribute hygiene kits to girls in El Salvador and other developing countries.

Dordt University is a Christian liberal arts college in Iowa that is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church.

GEMS is a girls club with the mission of helping to bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Matt Talbot Center is an outpatient addiction treatment program within a Christian context that is located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood serving the homeless, addicted and mentally ill.

Ninos Tres Rios is a ministry that seeks to improve consistency of children’s education in small villages in El Salvador through group mission trips to that country and providing scholarships and related educational expenses for children and youth.

Resonate Global Mission is a denominational ministry that starts and strengthens local churches in North America and around the world.

World Renew is a denominational ministry that helps people around the world experience and extend Christ’s compassion through community development, disaster response and rehabilitation, and peace and justice initiatives.

Ministries and Operations Fund  supports the ministries and operations of our church.

Mission Trip Assistance Fund provides funds to assist members of our church participating in short-term mission activities.

The Benevolence Fund is used by our deacons to help needy families within the church body and the local community. The fund is used to provide for basic needs that cannot be met by the individual.

What Is "Christian?"

Being a “Christian” church means we hold beliefs in common with the Christian church around the world and throughout the ages – namely, that God had sent Jesus as the “christ,” which means “savior.” To be “Christian” means to follow the teachings of Jesus, and to have faith in him as our savior.

Over time, some of these teachings have been gathered as core beliefs, and are conveniently summarized by three “Creeds,” which were written centuries ago and capture the most important aspects of our faith. Just about every Christian church affirms them as true.

You can read more about these Creeds on our denominational website here.

Bellevue CRC strives to share with everyone The Good News: that God reaches out to us long before we could ever reach for him. Jesus did for us what we could never do for ourselves. That act is love, and that is why we do we what we do: joining together in vibrant worship, authentically connecting with people, and reaching outside the church walls to serve the world in Jesus’ name.

What Is "Reformed?"

Bellevue CRC is a part of a “denomination,” which is a fancy way of saying “a group of churches that share a common belief.” Denominations are different “accents” of a religion that tend to emphasize some teachings or interpretations of Scripture more than others, just as various English speakers across the globe will speak with different accents when saying the same words.

Our particular accent is the Reformed faith, and you can read all about the Reformed “accent” on our denominational website here.